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Work With Me

Work With Me

When covid hit, my son was immunocompromised from Leukemia treatment and I could no longer work in person for fear of risking his health. With my kid’s health needs at the forefront, I had to surrender to my heart and find a new way to help my clients.

Displaced from my healing practice and my income, and thrown into the unknown, I turned to my spiritual connection. I did not let go of my dream of helping others heal, while still able to make my family’s and my own needs a priority. My whole life I have been healing and nurturing others, especially with my hands!

They are finely tuned to respond to energy. Now I needed to find a way to create the same life changing healing and transformation online without the use and sensitivity of my hands; I had to learn how to tune in in a different way. Not only that but stepping into the online world felt triggering! I knew I had to heal myself first.

Seeking clarity, I sought out additional spiritual development courses to tune into my inner wisdom and got certified in RTT hypnotherapy. Through self-awareness and connecting to my inner truth and wisdom I started to put together my collective wisdom and tools including astrology, reiki, meditation, and tai chi.

I realized that I could see and hear energetic patterns and blocks without my hands, and began to expand my ways of tuning in. I found that my intuition and psychic abilities were blossoming and thriving. In fact, everything I had been working so hard for over the past couple decades and even for my entire life began to come to fruition.

And what I learned through it all is that I was stronger than I thought. And we all have more inner power than you can even imagine. I have always wanted a way to help others create lasting change, a way for them to heal in such a way as they healed at the root of their symptoms, release the spells that bind them for good
- starting with myself….

I realized that people are stuck in invisible patterns, and feeling disconnected from their power and inner wisdom, keeping them from their joy! These unconscious spells in their mind are what is keeping them from realizing their dreams! We’ve closed the doors to options and solutions without realizing it. If you have been on a spiritual journey, you have heard people saying that all your answers lie within. It is true, AND it ignores one very important fact. That doesn’t mean that you know how to access it! What if you don’t know where the door is, or how to open it? What if you were the one to close the door in the first place and you didn’t realize how it is affecting you today?

Through my spiritual journey and evolution, I found how my unconscious mind was still acting on blocks I created decades ago. Blazing my own trail, I learned when I listen to the whispers in my heart, that I can release my blocks and unlock my magickal gifts; I found my sovereignty. This whole time, the universe supported me when I needed, how I needed, in ways that were unimaginable and awe inspiring. I started to attract my soul aligned clients, where working together was co-creative, inspiring and supported by spirit.

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