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Seeking Clarity in Chaos?

Your Celestial Blueprint: Astrology Readings Await!

Ever felt life came with a guidebook? Wondered when your moment in the sun will arrive?

Puzzled over career moves, love paths, or the right time for big ventures?

Your Celestial Counsel Astrology Reading is the key:

Gain clear insight into your soul's journey.

Reconnect with your life's purpose

Stop feeling like you're just watching life go by.

Find what truly fulfills you beyond appearances.

Realize the larger impact you're meant to make.

Learn the stars' perfect timings for your projects and golden opportunities.

Heal and understand deep-seated wounds.

Embrace the cosmic flow designed just for you.

Whatever it is, the universe wants you to know!

Spirit wants you to have the answers

You were born with this star-aligned "Owner's Manual" and you don't have to look very far to find the answers and validation that you've been seeking. With a Celestial Counsel Astrology Reading, you discover a wealth of information based on your birth date and time that you were MEANT to have!Understanding your chart gives you:

Dive into your Celestial Counsel Reading and unlock:

Gain the clarity you're seeking!

Understand your "true North" and why you are on this planet at THIS time. Gain an understanding of what skills you are meant to grow to fulfill your soul's mission.

Receive wisdom from the stars!

Gain deeper understanding into your soul's journey and how you can support it with the timing of the planets and stars.

Get divine guidance from spirit!

Learn just how to support yourself along the way and heal your core wound--→ turning it into your superpower instead.

See what these amazing entrepreneurs have to say!

“This Mercury retrograde I was especially unstable, emotional and feeling stuck. Rini gave me an astrological chart reading that literally blew my world wide open. I realized and was shown that I am exactly at the right place I need to be. All I needed to do rest! The best part was having our session recorded so I could go back and journal the parts that most resonated with me . I loved it so much I’m giving it to my husband as a fathers gift ! The insights I received were invaluable. Thank you Rini🙏🏾🥰"


Krystal McCord

Holistic Healer

“I absolutely loved my astrology reading with Rini. She gave me insights into myself, confirmed events that had already happened in my personal life/business (that we didn’t discuss prior), and set me up for what’s next! I loved her way of reading my chart, really thorough and uplifting! If your thinking about getting a reading DO IT! I’m thinking of getting my kids charts done too!”


Emily Aarons

Business Alignment Coach

"Rini is amazing!The information Rini provided was like a window of guidance into why I am the way I am and the healing I need. It was healing, empowering and inspiring! I keep referring back to the information for guidance.

I love Rini and I am so grateful for the session and the light received! Thank you Rini!!!!💖”


Katie Bock

Intuitive Spiritual Guide & Mindset Coach

Hello! I'm Rini York!

I am Rini, a Divine Being on a sacred journey, embodying the essence of a Mystic, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide. It is with profound joy that I navigate this path, dedicated to empowering and uplifting lightworkers and spiritual warriors, facilitating the deepening of their spiritual bond, enabling them to manifest their purpose with divine clarity!

I'm also a 2nd generation astrology reader, and have studied so many healing modalities such as acupuncture, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy)/Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Trauma Therapy, EFT (Tapping), Taichi, Craniosacral and Quantum Shiatsu Bodywork, Reiki Master Teacher and so much more!

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